Working Compact Case F62/F77 prototypes are finally here! + Questions for you

Working Compact Case F62/F77 prototypes are finally here! + Questions for you

I know that many of you were waiting to see photos and video of the working compact case prototypes in action before placing an order.  Well they are here and they pass inspection!  See the photos and video here:


For those who ordered the classic style die cast zinc powdercoated cases, all those orders are in production!  Each part is in a different stage of production; most of the parts have finished production, including the powdercoated cases.  So we are just waiting on those remaining parts and the final assembly of each keyboard.  Then the finished keyboards will ship to me by sea mail from the factory in China.  After a few weeks the container ship should arrive in NY where I will be testing each keyboard one by one to make sure it passes my strict quality standards.  I expect to wrap everything up before mid-2017.

The factory has done excellent work so far and I’ve been using the fully working prototype F77/F62 keyboard for about 11 months now as my daily driver (including as I write this update!).

The delays in recent months were primarily due to my strict quality standards (rejecting factory samples one after another until they got it right) as well as factory delays.  I’ve learned that complex, high quality products made from brand new molds take significantly longer to manufacture than the factory’s estimates.

For those who are thinking of ordering an F62 or F77, you still have time to order but once the final round deadline passes, no more orders will be accepted.

Check out the die cast molds, thousands of barrels and capacitive flippers, the finished powdercoated cases, the ultra compact case prototypes, the new xwhatsit compact PCBs powering these keyboards, and other factory photos from the production process.  It shows unfinished parts in production as well as finished parts.

Newly added original buckling spring keyboards now available to order!  Including an Industrial SSK, brand new Square Silver Logo original IBM Model M 1390131 keyboards in full retail packaging, new in box and used early 1990s Model M’s, original PC AT Model F keyboards, and more.

If anyone else wants to help with this project, the most important thing I could use help with is on the marketing strategy.  I would like to have the ability to make as many new Model F keyboards as possible!  If anyone can offer some help it would be greatly appreciated!
* Basic keyboard models:  F62, F77, Ultra Compact F62, Ultra Compact F77
* One-piece XT-style keycaps made from new molds, including Industrial SSK style blue keys – extra sets are also available separately
* Extra parts also available separately including Model F (AT) compatible barrels, flippers, cases, PCBs, inner foam, and inner assemblies
* Available layouts:  ANSI:  US and HHKB style with split backspace and regular non-split backspace.  ISO:  Vertical enter with a variety of international layout variants:  Spanish, German, Nordic, French, UK, etc.

* Ultra compact cases
* Key molds / keys / buckling springs
* Inner assembly plates
* Boxes / inner foam / outside foam packaging

* Die cast zinc cases (powdercoating is done too – the die cast cases are all finished!)
* barrels
* flippers
* capacitive PCBs
* compact xwhatsit controllers
* case molds
* ribbon cables (to connect controllers to capacitive PCBs)

* Cases and other parts have been ordered, so please no major changes!  Adding to your order is OK as I am making extras for the early bird round (see below)!

* Everything.  I have ordered extra keyboards and parts for the early bird round, which will be ongoing while supplies last.  Then there will be a final round for about a month after the early bird keyboards are delivered.

QUESTIONS FOR YOU – please reply!
* How did you hear about the project, for those not following the Deskthority/Geekhack/reddit threads and posts?
* How do you plan on using your F62/F77?  From those I’ve spoken with so far, there are quite a few programmers and writers.
* What part of the project convinced you to be a part of the group buy?
* For those who haven’t ordered yet, is anything holding you back?  Was anything not presented well on the web site, that could be fixed?  Any other questions feel free to reply to this email or PM me on the forums and I will get back to you.
* Do you have any advice on marketing/getting in the media?  Which relevant news sites/blogs/authors do you like?  I probably need to get some F62/F77 review samples out before the end of the final round.

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