Brand New In Box IBM PC XT Model F Keyboard 1501100


Email me for details


Brand New Model F Kishsaver F62 and Industrial F77 Keyboards are now available to customize and order – check out the home page for more information!

If you like the IBM PC XT Model F keyboard you will love the metal case F62 and F77 keyboards, now available in original Model F style beige and other colors – built to the same Model F standard with a metal case!

Please email me for details on remaining inventory of IBM Model F PC XT keyboards.

However if you are considering this IBM PC XT, I recommend you consider the Brand New Model F Keyboards (click the home page for more information!) which all feature a native USB controller with NKRO, fully customizable with function layers, macros, and the option to customize each key and layout.  Any questions feel free to check out the home page and email me.