Extra Set of Brand New Production XT-quality one-piece keys


Extra Set of Brand New Production XT-quality one-piece keys


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A set XT-quality one-piece keys from the new molds, like the ones that will be installed on your keyboard orders. The goal is to make them of similar quality as the one-piece IBM XT keyboard key caps (no guarantees we’ll reach that of course).

These sets are for US, ANSI layout only. If you want an international set please message me (I do not expect to make all international layouts but I may produce a few of them).

You can also get a limited edition Industrial SSK complete blue key set for the same price as the standard color set! This is intended to match the 12 blue keys on the factory customized Industrial SSK, part 1395682.

If you order the “full base key set” you get 103 keys so you can use the set on your other Model M or Model F keyboard as well as the new production ones.

This option is only for those who want an extra set. For the set you want installed on your keyboard order, please go to the F62/F77 product itself and configure which key set you want installed using the drop down menus there.

Please pick the option you want. All 103 key sets include the space bar, space bar stabilizer wire and required 6 stabilizer inserts for the set (4 vertical and 2 horizontal). The 1U 0/Ins key is just included in sets installed on F77 keyboards, not on extra sets.

If you order front printed keys, HHKB style extra keys, or Industrial SSK keys with your set, they will not replace any other keys you’re getting – you still get the full set, plus the extra keys you order.

Also please check the store for the HHKB 6 key set (not included in the main sets on this page).  Included in the HHKB 6 key set: 1.5U size Delete key, 1U | key, 1.5U Caps Lock, 1.75U Left Ctrl, 1.75U right shift, and 1U Fn.

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Printed (Pearl/Pebble), Blank (Pearl/Pebble), Blank (Black), Printed (Industrial SSK Blue), Blank (Industrial SSK Blue), Printed (Dark Gray), Blank (Dark Gray)

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