One in Stock! Brand New in Box IBM Space Saving Keyboard (SSK) 84-Key, part 1392934 or 1391472


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Pictured keyboard SOLD but I have one more identical one available – also I have several other brand new in box IBM Model M keyboards available – please message me if interested and I can send over some photos.  Alternative part number 1391472.

A NIB blue box IBM Model M SSK is one of the rarest, most sought after buckling spring keyboards.  In recent years I have not seen even one of these for sale anywhere.

Please check out the home page to review all of the features and specifications of the Brand New Model F Keyboards.

The Brand New Blue and White Box IBM Personal System / 2 Space Saving Keyboard SSK Model M 1392934 from September 1990 would be a prize in any collection. It comes with the original box and foam packaging. The serial number on the box’s label matches the label on the bottom of the keyboard.

Someone I knew working at one of the largest IBM parts suppliers in the country sold me this leftover unused keyboard after they had gotten out of the particular business of supplying fleets of keyboards to their corporate customer base. What they sold me was practically the last remainder of their once vast Model M inventory. This keyboard was kept in its beautiful blue and white IBM Personal System / 2 box for many years, but the supplier’s customers had never ordered this particular spare to be deployed (probably because these keyboards were so durable that their clients never needed too many replacements!).

You can see I have taken detailed photos from many angles to show you the almost “factory-fresh” condition my keyboard has remained in for 20+ years. You may need a specific model USB adapter to connect this keyboard to your computer (not all PS/2-containing motherboards may work with Model M keyboards as they draw much higher current than more modern PS/2 keyboards). Also many computers have BIOS settings that automatically turn on the Num Lock, which can frustrate some users who forget to turn off this setting. You can also press Shift+Scroll Lock to turn on and off the Num Lock on this these space saving keyboards.