Brand New Original IBM Industrial Model M Keyboard, part 1390653 (after the 1388032)

Brand New Original IBM Industrial Model M Keyboard, part 1390653 (after the 1388032)


Brand New Model F Kishsaver F62 and Industrial F77 Keyboards are now available to customize and order – check out the home page for more information!

If you like the Industrial Model M you will love the Model M’s predecessor, the Model F, now available in Industrial Gray, original beige, and other colors – built to a much higher standard with much more metal on the inside and a metal case!

The Brand New 1390653 IBM Black Square Logo Industrial Grey/Olive Model M keyboard from December 1988 – a prize in my collection. These came out just a couple years after the IBM 1388032 Industrial Model M keyboard.

Someone I knew working at one of the largest IBM parts suppliers in the country (they said back in the day they kept over 1 million keyboards and other parts in inventory) sold me this leftover unused keyboard after they had gotten out of the particular business of supplying fleets of keyboards to their corporate customer base. What they sold me was practically the last remainder of their once vast Model M inventory. This keyboard was kept in a plastic bag surrounded by foam and sealed in a box for many years, but the supplier’s customers had never ordered this particular spare to be deployed (probably because these keyboards were so durable that their clients never needed too many replacements!).

Many Model M keyboards are advertised as “like new” but very few sellers open them up to photograph the insides to prove how clean they really are. You can see I have taken detailed photos from many angles to show you the almost “factory-fresh” condition my keyboard has remained in for just about 25 years. The photos in this auction are not of any other keyboard than the one up for auction here, and they were all taken by me this month. I have taken photos of the inside of the top and bottom parts of the case and of the keyboard with the top bezel removed, and they probably look like they did when they left one of IBM’s factories.

Also I have photographed the bottom metal part of the keyboard. Even many of the best, brand new Model M boards have more than a few broken rivets, but this keyboard has almost no broken rivets as of when I took these photos. Now I will ship this to you double boxed and expertly packaged (I have been buying and selling on eBay for 10 years and have 100.0% positive feedback so far), however I guarantee you that rivets from this keyboard will inevitably break and fall out during shipping and also during the first hours that you use it, so I am not guaranteeing that you will receive all the rivets as shown in the auction photos secured to the keyboard. As other eBay sellers would also say, the rivets are AS IS and will break off.

You can also see I have lifted up the key caps and stems for two typically well-worn keys that were easy enough to access (two of the cursor keys) to show you that no gunk is hiding under them and these springs have not rusted in the supplier warehouse or in my home where it has been stored since then.

The only time this keyboard was used was briefly for testing it with another cable, as you can see that the cable that IBM supplied with this keyboard is brand new in the original sealed plastic bag with IBM’s part label in there as well. You may need a specific model USB adapter to connect this keyboard to your computer (no USB adapter is included in this auction and not all PS/2-containing motherboards may work with Model M keyboards as they draw much higher current than more modern PS/2 keyboards).

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