I JUST found out about this project, and apparently just in time.  Very exciting and congrats on this huge accomplishment.

I’m sure you are tired of repeatedly answering nearly-identical questions, so I apologize in advance, especially if I’m asking questions that have already been answered!  However, I did do some searching and reading, and did not stumble across the answers if they are out there.

I wish you had also made an 84-key/AT reproduction as well, but I guess you can’t always get what you want. 🙂  The next-best thing is clearly the 77-key, and I’m looking for some clarification on the different key layout options.  (I understand the controller is programmable, which is great, but I’d still prefer to just have the keys included rather than source them separately if possible, so I’m trying to determine how close to my “ideal” the stock choices are.)

First question is about split-backspace HHKB (of which there are no pictures, correct?): I assume 1U backslash goes in the top row.  Without 2U Backspace, this frees up space in the top row for one more 1U key.  What are you putting there and what is the exact arrangement?  Are you putting Esc in the upper-left and moving tilde over to the right side next to backslash?

Second, I understand split-right-shift boards are incompatible with standard full-size right shift key.  Is there an option for a 3D-printed full-size right shift that would fit on a split-shift model if one were to order this board?  I note that there are 3D-printed (blank) keys available for other scenarios; seems like it might be a no-brainer to similarly offer a 3D-printed full-size right shift for people who’d like to be able to have both options open to them.

Finally, I’d like a numpad on the right (main reason 84-key appeals to me), and the pictures I’ve seen of 0-9 + arrows seems a little strange.  If I can toggle Numlock, then I personally don’t care to also have 4 keys used up (precious real-estate) for an inverted-T…seems redundant.  I’m guessing that this is an area where I am going to have to spend some time customizing the board after I get it but, on the off-chance I am misunderstanding and the picture I’ve seen does not represent the final arrangement for the numpad option, is there a more conventional numpad arrangement that you are offering?  (I realize that with only 15 1U keys there arranged as 3×5 it is a bit limiting…you sure you won’t reconsider an 84-key repro? 🙂  Or “just” add another column of 5 keys, heh.)


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