F62 Model F Keyboard - "Kishsaver"


F62 Model F Keyboard – “Kishsaver”


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Shipping Rates  —  US: Free.  Canada:  $39.92.  Europe/Asia/South America:  $49.30.  Australia/New Zealand:  $69.59.

A Brand New F62 Model F Kishsaver Keyboard.  The packing slip is an exception and will likely be printed using a dot matrix printer on new old stock dot matrix printer paper 🙂

All F77 and F62 keyboards have function keys!  They are the function layer of the top row of keys.  You can have the keys printed with F1, etc. on them or leave the printing normal (for the F1 printing please order the extra set of 12 F1, etc. keys in the store item).

Please check out the home page to review all of the features and specifications of the Brand New Model F Keyboards.

The “Color” option above refers to case color.

The cork-rubber feet from the photos are included free with every order! They ship unattached to the keyboard so you can pick which feet you want and where you want to install them.

For HHKB/split right shift and split backspace printed layouts, custom printed keys will be included:  1.5U size Delete key, 1U | \ key, 1.5U Caps Lock, 1.75U Left Ctrl, 1.75U right shift, and 1U Fn.  For the HHKB set with the non-split backspace, you will not receive the 1U | \ key and the | \-sized backspace key.  Please see below for details.

If you are using your own keys, you’ll need stabilizer inserts (not included unless you buy a key set). You can order 4 stabilizer inserts by adding 4 units of the “Stabilizer insert” item to your cart.

Please note that you are not buying from inventory. All new Model F items will be built to order at the factory.

“US ANSI” layouts are standard US keyboard offerings.  Below are the two available HHKB style layout offerings, in addition to the ANSI US and international layouts available (not pictured below).  The first layout below is the HHKB with Regular 2U Backspace and the second layout below is the HHKB with Split Backspace option.





















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