This is a very cool project. I’m interested in ordering the compact F77.
I still have a few questions:

1) Can I order one with a Swiss German layout?
2) Will there be an ESC key on top left? Because all images show only 13 keys to the left of backspace. With ESC there should be 14.
3) Can I combine the Swiss German layout with the HHKB options as well?
4) Do the HHKB options all come with a horizontal enter key?
5) I’m not sure I understand the HHKB Options correctly: A split right shift will give me an extra fn key. A split backspace gives me an extra key in the top row, like ESC. Can that be combined with an ISO layout?
6) How does Num-Lock work?

7) Where can I see how much shipping to Switzerland costs?

Thank you very much.

Regards, Andreas

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