F62/F77 First Aid/Repair Kit for the future


Compact and Original Style F62 Regular
Compact and Original Style F62 Regular
Compact and Original Style F62 Split Right Shift
Compact and Original Style F62 Split Right Shift
Compact and Original Style F77 Regular
Compact and Original Style F77 Regular
Compact and Original Style F77 Split Right Shift
Compact and Original Style F77 Split Right Shift

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Here is a kit of spare parts for refurbishing your Brand New Model F keyboard years or decades from now, long after production ends soon.  Both kits are compatible with either ultra compact or original case F62/F77 keyboards.  Did you know that every 2U and larger key (backspace-sized key) and larger can be split into two keys, and the sensing pads are already there?  Just add a flipper and then you can add keys!  (Example splittable keys:  space bar, both shift keys, backspace, enter)  I recommend ordering the First Aid Kit to enable future repairs and modifications.  I offer a hardware layout modification service for a small extra charge (split or un-split keys only) – email me for details if interested.

These keyboards are all easily self-repairable – easy to disassemble and clean.  No need to mail your keyboard away and wait weeks for a repair shop!  Check out www.ModelFKeyboards.com/manual for instructional videos and the product manual.


  1. 1 custom machine-cut inner foam, just in case the original foam loses its elasticity while remaining in its compressed state for years on end, you’ll have a spare.  Foam may not retain compressibility for decades when it’s compressed inside the keyboard but can last a few decades in storage (not compressed in a keyboard).  The foam helps hold the barrels in place; worn out foam may result in more wobbly barrels and keys.
  2. 10 flippers with springs, in case you accidentally bend a spring out of shape when removing a key or cleaning your F62 or F77 or want to mod your layout and split a shift/backspace in the future to get an extra usable key.  If one of your keys gets caught on the spring when you’re cleaning it in the future and the spring gets bent out of shape, there is no fixing the spring unfortunately (alas from my personal experience!).
  3. 10 barrels in case you spill a sugary beverage and some of the barrels become sticky.
  4. Extra set of bumpers in case the originals wear out or you want to change bumper types – please add this store item to your cart if you want this:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/extra-bumpers/
  5. 2 Extra stabilizer inserts – in case some fail or break when trying to remove them from the barrels to change a layout
  6. An original Industrial SSK (just kidding!)



Note 1: Small items in the store, like this item, do not ship free unless they are shipping with a keyboard – please contact me for a shipping quotation.

Note 2: legal, safety, and limited warranty information for this MODEL F LABS LLC product is available to consumers pre-sale and will be furnished upon request, by writing to the email or mailing address at the bottom of this web page.  Of course you’ll get a printed booklet with your order shipment! The foam comes from the foam factory in sheets of a pre-made size. To minimize the waste of foam, the factory sometimes glues together the foam, so please assume that your foam may be glued together in two pieces. The pictured foam is an example, but you will not get the exact one in the photos. In no way does this affect operation or longevity of the foam as the barrels actually secure the foam in place. The tooling for this foam was custom made and I am the only seller of Model F factory cut foam. Unfortunately you cannot request a foam with or without glue so please assume it may be glued.