F62/F77 First Aid/Repair Kit for the future


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Here is a kit of spare parts for refurbishing your Brand New Model F keyboard years or decades from now, long after production ends sometime this year.  Both kits are compatible with either ultra compact or original case F62/F77 keyboards.

These keyboards are all easily self-repairable – easy to disassemble and clean.  No need to mail your keyboard away and wait a few weeks for a repair shop!  I expect to post instructional repair/cleaning videos in the future.


  1. 1 custom machine-cut inner foam, just in case the original foam loses its elasticity while remaining in its compressed state for years on end, you’ll have a spare.
  2. 10 flippers with springs, in case you accidentally bend a spring out of shape when removing a key or cleaning your F62 or F77 or want to mod your layout and split a shift/backspace on your own in the future to get an extra usable key
  3. 10 barrels in case you spill a sugary beverage in your keyboard and the barrels become sticky.
  4. Extra set of bumpers in case the originals wear out or you want to change bumper types – please add this store item to your cart if you want this:  https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/extra-bumpers/
  5. 2 Extra stabilizer inserts – in case some fail or break when trying to remove them from the barrels to change a layout
  6. An original Industrial SSK (just kidding!)

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