Extra inner foam (F62, F77, F62 split shift, F77 split shift, F107, F122, PC AT)


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Extra factory-cut inner foam, maybe for decades down the line when this foam may wear out 🙂

Also great if you want the option to change from regular right shift and try split right shift down the line.  Many HHKB users end up preferring the split right shift layout.  Better get one now if you think you might want one 🙂

Split right shift requires a different PCB, top inner assembly, and inner foam.  All other parts are interchangeable.

Please note that you are not buying from inventory. All new Model F items will be built to order at the factory.  This item is just for the inner foam, not for any other parts.

You can use my new foam for your AT as well. The AT layout is essentially that of the F107 but with the 15 key F107 section (insert/delete, cursor keys etc) cut out.  To get PC AT foam, order the F107 and cut out the 15 key section yourself.  I just tested this with the PC AT refurb I did and it worked well. You’d just need to do a little snipping around the space bar area.

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