Original IBM “Unsaver” Model F F104 Keyboard 1387033


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This keyboard is one of the rarest known original IBM keyboards next to the IBM 4704 Kishsaver and 77-key Model F keyboards.

Please check out the home page to review all of the features and specifications of the Brand New Model F Keyboards.

Thoroughly refurbished – keyboard and inner frame assembly were opened up to clean everything, including the capacitive PCB surface inside. Each key and the barrel frames were hand cleaned. Every key was tested multiple times after cleaning and putting everything back together.
USB converted with xwhatsit’s converter soldered in – this is included in this listing, along with the pictured USB cable. Firmware has been loaded and keys have been programmed (a few of the nonstandard keys have been mapped to Model M standard layout keys like the brackets – you can adjust what you want any key to correspond to by using xwhatsit’s GUI – see the xwhatsit’s USB controller DT/GH threads for more information on his great work.
The foam is in great condition, compared to many other IBM Model F keyboards which one require foam replacement to work well. This one contains a version of IBM foam that has not disintegrated as significantly or as messily as other IBM Model F foam.
Shows signs of usage and wear including hairline cracks and nicks in the plastic and some rust on the metal plates, which is characteristic of virtually every Model F I own.