Hi! So glad I discovered this before the deadline! I have three questions about keys:
1) Are any blank keys included in the full keysets?
2) I see from a previous Q&A that a single blank 1u key is worth 2 of the $1 increment units. Are 1.5u blank keys also available, and if so, how much would they be each?
3) I need a 1u pipe key (|\), but I really don’t need anything else in the HHKB add-on set. Would it be possible to order just the pipe key, and if so, how much would that be?
Thanks so much!

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  1.  Yes for the full key set ordered with an F77/F62.  Not included for the extra key sets.
  2. Each key is currently $4 or 4 units, not 2.  Same cost for other size keys.
  3. Yep, $4.
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