Have been using the Model ‘M’ at home and at work (co-workers aren’t that happy about it…) for years and spotted your site last year. Phenomenal project you’re doing. Great effort. We all thank you!
Thinking of buying an F77. Am from Sweden so would obviously like a kb with Swedish layout.
Questions though:
*Are the front printed function keys included automatically when ordering a kb with keys, or must those still be ordered separately?
*On a ‘normal’ Swedish keyboard, eg the 2-key is labelled “2@ , the 3-key is labelled #3£, the 4-key is labelled ¤4$ , and so on. The last character in each example is (by default) reached via the right AltGr key.
On the F77, would these keys with the front function key labelling be eg #2@F2 then? (a lot of labelling there…) .
Kind regards
Christer B (in Sweden)

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Thank you for the kind words.  Yes Swedish/Nordic layout is available.
Front printed keys are a separate set in the store – not included normally.
The layouts will approximate those of the Model M for each layout variant:  https://imgur.com/gallery/4TlK5/

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