The original IBM design uses symbols, while Unicomp uses words, which one will the new Model F use?


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ISO Enter will likely have both the arrow and the “Enter” text, or maybe just the arrow like on many ISO Model M Keyboards (not yet finalized).

I did not see an order under this email address Vincent – I do hope you can customize your Brand New Model F Keyboard soon if you have not done so already!

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Just waiting for the ISO enter to show up in the “Custom Legend Keycaps and Extra Keys”-section. 🙂

By the way, if I want a Right Shift key on the F77 that covers both the current Shift and the Fn key, which size do I need?

Sorry, printed ISO Enter will not show up on the extra keys page as it is not available to order outside of the ISO key sets. I do have unprinted ISO Enter keys available to order separately (just order one unit of “extra keys”).

You cannot use a standard 2.75U right shift key on any keyboard with the HHKB style split right shift because both barrels and PCB pads are in different physical positions. However on standard ANSI and ISO layouts you can use a standard 2.75U right shift key or a 1U+1.75U split right shift (but not a 1.75U+1U hhkb style split right shift).

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