Hi, is the very pale blue available for the traditional F77 models? It looks like it’s available as an $110 add-on but not integrated with the keyboard currently? Is the very pale blue in the imgur link the same as what you call “carolina blue” on the shop?


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I think what you’re seeing as very pale blue is actually the silver gray. What they are calling “Carolina Blue” looks more like turquoise next to the dark or royal “Duke” blue. True Carolina blue (aka Tar Heel blue) is powder blue.

Good catch, thanks! But yes the Silver Gray classic style cases are still available to order by selecting “Silver Gray” in the drop down menu on one of the classic style keyboard product pages.

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Sorry, both blue colors are only available for the compact cases.  You could order any color and have the case powdercoated locally, or spray paint it yourself as an alternative.

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