I ordered an F77 ages ago, only just noticed the new options!
I’m a bit confused regarding the count of actual unique additional keys I need to buy to make ALL OF THE NUMPADS, because I think you’ve used “unique” to refer to some other subset that isn’t that.

For example, the text on https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/new-custom-legend-keycaps/ implies that there are 2+11+10=23 uniques, but that seems too high from the diagram. My current guess is 19, but confirmation would be handy!

Also, the text says that to make numpad 3 requires two uniques, enter and +, but is the single minus not also a unique? And then that’s inconsistent with the other zoomable images that shows “F77 Num Pad #3” which shows an equals, not a minus.

Do I need to list these all individually in the order?

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The unique num pad keys are those not part of the base key set (this photo).  Num pad minus is included in the base set.

It is probably best to get a full block for each unique option if you plan on switching between right side blocks because of uneven wear patterns (the shared keys would be worn down and more slippery after years of usage, while the “new” keys would not be.

If you still wanted one of each unique right side block key please order 22 keys:

12 keys of right side block 4 (all but Num, -, and 9 are not part of the main set)

right side block 3:  1U Enter pebble

right side block 5:  key 2, 0, .

right side block 6 (not pictured; just the numbers on the keys):  4 – 9 keys without additional legends

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