I ordered an F77 ages ago, only just noticed the new options!
I’m a bit confused regarding the count of actual unique additional keys I need to buy to make ALL OF THE NUMPADS, because I think you’ve used “unique” to refer to some other subset that isn’t that.

For example, the text on https://www.modelfkeyboards.com/product/new-custom-legend-keycaps/ implies that there are 2+11+10=23 uniques, but that seems too high from the diagram. My current guess is 19, but confirmation would be handy!

Also, the text says that to make numpad 3 requires two uniques, enter and +, but is the single minus not also a unique? And then that’s inconsistent with the other zoomable images that shows “F77 Num Pad #3” which shows an equals, not a minus.

Do I need to list these all individually in the order?

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