I would like to order a F77 and ideally use it for the rest of my life. What spare parts should I order with it to ensure I can maintain its functionality? A set of keys and a repair kit, or more stuff than that? Are there any parts that will be available after production ends? Additionally, is there an option to have the USB C controller pre installed rather than the micro USB one?

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One more question, is a down payment still an option to ensure I get an order in before production ends?

Hi Luke, thanks for your interest in the project.

The most important extras are the First Aid Kit of spare parts for future repairs once production has long shut down (over 700 kits ordered so far!), key pullers, extra key sets (the key tops do wear down over time and you won’t be able to buy more XT quality one piece keys after the end of the project) and also a spare custom made 3 meter USB cable (same as the one that is installed with the keyboard). I hope to be able to manufacture as many First Aid Kits and spare parts as possible to keep all these great Model F keyboards running decades from now.

Also important are replacement USB controllers just in case there is a failure or it is damaged if someone trips on the cord 🙂

Yes the down payment option is confirmed ok to do!

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