I’m intending to order a keyboard for conversion to the large “Reverse L” Enter key used on the PC AT layout among others. (My wife insists on this Enter key style for her typing.) I’m not sure which layout I should order.

If I order it with the standard layout, will it have the key switches properly placed for conversion to the “split backspace” needed to move the backspace up, or do I need to order the HHKB split backspace layout and then switch the keys and the software layout back to a more standard layout?

Also, any recommendations on where to source the PC AT style Enter key since you don’t sell it?

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Thanks much for the quick answer.

I’m not seeing the ISO Enter key in the key layouts you show or in your “New Custom Keys” page. Can I order that by selecting ISO layout, or separately as a custom? I basically would like to get this as close as I can to the AT keyboard layout except for the space bar row and lack of a separate function key block.

You can order the regular US key set with ISO Enter by special order. Please configure the keyboard with the regular US printed key set (ANSI) and then order 20 units of the store item $1 increments and note “ANSI key set, configure layout with all ANSI except ISO Enter and 1U | ” and the extra two keys will be included.

Thank you, done. 🙂

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Hi Clifton,

All available layouts support the large Enter key and split/regular backspaces.  You can choose HHKB style split right shift or regular right shift, regular US ANSI or ISO.

You can only find that large Enter key from an IBM PC AT keyboard.  Alternatively you can have an ISO Enter key (google Model M ISO for reference) which is close to what you are looking for.

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