Original IBM Model M Keyboard, Thoroughly Cleaned


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Please email me for details on remaining inventory of IBM Model M keyboards.

However if you are considering this IBM Model M keyboard, I recommend you consider the Brand New Model F Keyboards (click the home page for more information!) which all feature significantly higher build quality and IBM’s Model M keyboards.  Also, the brand new Model F keyboards are also native USB with NKRO and are fully customizable with function layers, macros, and the option to customize each key and layout. You can’t do any of that on an original Model M keyboard.  Any questions feel free to check out the home page and email me.

A great option if you wanted to pick up a Model M to add to your collection or try out.  Also great if you wanted original Model M keycaps to use with your brand new F62/F77!

Professionally refurbished and cleaned and then put into storage for many years. Typical of used IBM Model M keyboards, this Model M will have some markings, scuffs, and scratches, not all of which show up clearly in the photos.

Avoid the cheaper “untested” Model M keyboards – they are always a risk! Many have been stored in garages and have corrosion and may not function well for years to come.

This keyboard was refurbished by a company specializing in refurbished keyboards and point of sale equipment, stored in a sealed box, and then put into a climate controlled storage warehouse for many years.

Your purchase helps cover the thousands of dollars in cost overruns of the Brand New Model F keyboards project that is bringing back the Model F into production.

Keyboard is used and has been thoroughly cleaned.  The pictured unit is for reference only and has sold.

Logo may be gray or blue based on availability.

***Please note that the cable is not included unless shown in the box – please ask me to double check this (new old stock curly SDL to PS/2 cables may be available from Unicomp).