I’d like to order the F77 and have the right-side block setup with Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and the cursor keys, only.
I really don’t want those 5 extra key caps that will confuse my fingers when I quickly move over to hit the cursor keys or Delete, End, or Page Down. 🙂
Has anything been created that will plug up those spaces without actually being keys, ideally a flat piece of plastic that would basically be flush with the edges of the keyboard?
Thank you for doing this project!

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Yes I believe someone is working on this.  Sorry no updates yet.  I am sure they are waiting until their new Model F is in hand before finalizing the plugs.

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Sounds good. Thank you!

P.S. Sorry if I posted the same question several times. I didn’t see a message about the comments needing approval, so I thought my browser was doing something odd and not posting the comment. 🙂

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