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Looks like I stumbled upon this website a at a good time, this project looks great

In a previous question someone asked you how to set up a keyboard with a UK layout and the answer you have was “You can pick “ISO Enter”, then pick “International layout” and specify “UK layout” in the notes section.”

That makes sense, but when you pick the only option that appears to be ISO enter (Regular unprinted set (ISO Vertical Enter)) – so does that mean all of the keys will have no legend if you want a vertical enter?

Also, is it possible to have the legend of the alphanumeric keys but not the other keys?

Finally, what colour will the keycaps be if I purchase a black case colour?

I look forward to making my purchase

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On a second look I see there is specifically “UK English” keys at the bottom of the list. Is this the UK ISO layout, what colour are the keys, and do they have printed legends? Or do I specify all of this in the notes section?

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Great Matt, glad you are joining the project!

The drop down menu has changed – thanks for letting me know – I just updated that question’s reply.  The updated menu system automatically assumes ISO for the key sets that use the ISO layout, per IBM.  To check this (for anyone reading this question), feel free to google “XYZ layout Model M keyboard” to see photos.

You can select “regular unprinted set – ISO” which can be used with any language or layout, or you can click UK English in the “Keys” drop down menu for printed keys.

The international printed keys all come in pearl/pebble because Unicomp has limited colors for the ISO Enter key that I use (I don’t have the mold for this key in the set of all-new key molds being used in this project).

The choice of case color will not affect the color of the keys, so you can choose a black case with the standard UK layout pearl/pebble key set.

Confirmed that UK English is the UK ISO layout with pearl/pebble keys and yes they do have printed legends.  No need to specify any notes.

For your question of alphanumeric keys, unfortunately I do not mix and match key sets and you’d need to order an unprinted key set here (given the cost of ordering keys individually it makes sense to order a full extra key set – also probably better for resale value).

Full key sets:

Individual keys (no additional bulk discounts on these unfortunately):

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